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SOLO is cultural city that located in central java,Indonesia and its people have palace's atmosphere as you know palace city many polite people founded here, but solo city has extreme music community

(it is called grinder troops,special extreme musick organization for death metal, black metal, and grindcore ,but we are welcome to another extreme musick styles, as long as they are really extreme).

grinder troops is the one and the first extreme musick organization that have made history and developed solo extreme musick's development.

without grinder troops maybe there is no what you call death metal, black metal, grindcore etc.

we have been having 250 members and 30 bands that ever joined.

this extreme organization is stiil exist till now  with many products such as magazines, events, merchandisings and etc.

grinder 'fucking' troops is always running in part of solo extreme musick,

indonesian underground scene and international underground scene.


prepare yourself to fuck bleeding infos in our web !!!!.