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The old name of TORMENT was TORMENTOR. It was formend by Agung NN in the middle of 1993. TORMENTOR had style DEATHGRINDTHRASH. It had no merchandisings....yeahh we are too lazy to tell Tormentor's Bio, it's too long guys. We changed Tormentor to be TORMENT in March 1997, The line up were Dolox (Vox), Wawan (Guitar), Agung NN (Bass) and Andre (Drums). We had one opinion that we had to get Bleeding with TECHNICAL BRUTAL DEATH METAL Style. We used to bring Suffocation's songs, Cannibal Corpse's songs, Deicide's songs and Morbid Angel's songs on Gigs. At that time we used to bring songs that we have created by us also. In the last of 1997, TORMENT made a Promo tape ( no titled ). It contains 3 songs,( About the satans, Butcherer grave's behaviour sadistic, and Political democracy). We had fucking problem with it. The sound quality is bad, so we did not spread the promo 1997. In the middle of 1998, our drummer had statement that he could not give his time for band, ( FUCK !!!). and then we had to make him out from band.  

We are still exist in Gigs and Underground scene although we had no drummer, we used session drummer. 

About six months Andre left the band, we kicked out our guitarst ( Wawan ) WHAT THE FUCK WAS IT !!!!!!!He had fucking statement to stop for band, ( FUCK....FUCK....FUCK.....!) TORMENT is still alive without you Fucker !!!. After we have got player crisis. so TORMENT are Dolox A (VOX) and Agung NN (Guitars). 

We had fucking Gig invitings when we were just two guys. We were too confuse to get the solutions. Finally, we got it. We asked to our Brother, CRYWAR ( the Legendary of Solonese Extreme Brutal Death) That we wanted to make CRYWAR's members for session. 

Fortunately, CRYWAR management Agreed our hoping. You're Great, Bro.... The Crywar's guys are Dzakir (guitar), Ipunx (bass), Yusuf (drums). We had recorded Torment's demo promo in 16th, May 1999. It was tittled BRUTAL SADISTIC BUTCHERER.
We changed our music conception to be BRUTAL HYPER DEATH GRIND. The promo demo '99 contains 5 songs and titled like BSB, Anal penetration, To treat cruelly feminity exploitation, Madefake and bleeding Executions.

If you wanna get Brutal Sadistic Butcherer demo, you have to send a blank tape (minimum c.30) plus Stamps Rp 3000 or Money Rp 3000 ( for Package and Posting) and 2 IRC's (For overseas Undergrounder).





Band Contact :





c/o Gumunggung III/4A 04/II


Solo 57134


Central Java - INDONESIA


phone (0271) 714617


e-mail :